The Mouse and His Child
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The Mouse and His Child
Russell Hoban
Aug 1, 2018
Russell Hoban has blessed readers with a stunning variety of imaginative pleasures: From the classic toddler’s picture book Bedtime for Frances, about a young badger putting off sleep, thereby trying the patience of her exasperated parents, to the brilliant novel Riddley Walker, an exploration of a post–nuclear holocaust that comes complete with a reinvention of English. It’s a fairly safe bet that the work of few other authors covers the range—in audience, mood, invention, and substance—traversed by his creations. The Mouse and His Child is a third masterwork standing between the poles of the Frances books and Riddley Walker. The mice in question are toys. Hoban’s haunting, imaginative tale details their dangerous, often desperate exploits after they are sold and venture out into the cruel world and the treacherous, fearful territory of the resourceful Manny Rat. The Mouse and His Child is an eloquent, breathtaking exploration of what it means to be alive on this earth. No kidding. It’s as powerful, as heartrending, and as memorable as any novel you’ll ever encounter.
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Mar 26, 2019
I thought I was the only one who loved this book! Only children's book ever with a parody of Beckett in it.
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