The Long Walk
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The Long Walk
Slavomir Rawicz
Travel & Adventure
Jul 31, 2018
Since its publication at the height of the Cold War, Slavomir Rawicz’s account of his 1941 mid-blizzard escape from a Soviet labor camp in Siberia with six fellow prisoners has won legions of devoted readers. Although the veracity of the tale has been called into question based on recently released Soviet records and internal inconsistencies in the book itself (to say nothing of the party’s sighting of a pair of Yeti), Rawicz’s narrative remains an inspiring and unforgettable reading experience. Whether truth, fiction, or a little of both, The Long Walk is bound to be among the most amazing, heroic, and compelling stories you’ll ever read.
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Apr 7, 2019
Just finished this book. It's a great read. I didn't see any internal inconsistencies and I fully believe the story (including the Yetis - the writer just describes what they saw, he's not pushing any theories). There's no heroic posturing (like in the similar, hoghly recommended, very enjoyable but in parts not fully credible book, Papillon by Henry Charriere), it's just about the everyday misery and difficulties of a small group of people marching towards freedom.
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